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Work From Home
All of our homes are equipped and optimized for professionals that need space for work from home 
Family Friendly
Comfortable space that makes it feel like home. Access to cooking spaces and amenities. 
Safe & Private
Hotels can be scary when staying in an unfamiliar area. Working with us will allow you to be in private & quiet areas
Are You A
Are you a landlord struggling to rent out your home or struggling to find a good tenant? Our company places affordable housing for professionals that is comfortable for work from home and their family. 
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Meet Our Team 

Phillip Tran


Monica Mejia

Head of acquisition

Sunil Makker

acquisition aDvisor

Pete Hobold


Kkriti Dhungel


Krysti Webb

acquisition aDvisor

Why Choose US Over A
Traditional Tenant?
  • All Minor Maintenance Covered - So you never have to worry about taking time out of your life for minor repairs and dealing with handymen.
  • Weekly Professional Cleanings - So your property stays in immaculate condition. 
  • Minimal Use Of Water & Appliances - Extending their useful life and ultimately saving you money.
  • ​Reduced Wear & Tear - Our short term stays are hardly spending anytime in the property reducing wear & tear!
  • ​Automatic Rental Payments - So you never have to worry about hunting someone down for rent.
  • ​1 Million Dollar Liability Policy - This serves as a line of defense even BEFORE your property insurance. 
  • ​Long Term Partnerships - We plan on occupying your property for years to come so you'll never have to find a new tenant!
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